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CometTrio - 14.10.2023 at 20:00 at Neu-Deli Einbeck Kultur- und Arthouse Kino

We are happy to announce that on 14 October we will be playing our concert "French up!" as CometTrio on the stage of the great Neu Deli concert hall in Einbeck.

You can expect a musical journey with French and international songs (compositions as well as covers in our style), wine and of course good mood!

🕢 When: Saturday, 14 October 2023 at 8:00 p.m.

📌Where : Neu-Deli Einbecker Lichtspielfreunde e.V. Münsterstr. 12a

37574 Einbeck

Tickets can be purchased at the following link:

Merci et à très bientôt les, on vous attend avec impatience !

Groovy greetings 🎶

Eugénie, Christian and Jürgen

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