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Unforgettable live music experience for any stage.


A firework of sounds and emotions.

Live music experience for any stage.

Whether you have a small intimate venue or a large stage, we offer unique musical performances that will thrill your guests.


✓ Multi-faceted repertoire: French, English and German songs to appeal to a wide audience.


✓ Flexible line-up: Whether as a duo or trio, we adapt to your requirements and create the perfect musical atmosphere for your event.


✓ Passionate performance: With many years of experience and professional equipment, we offer a musical experience at the highest level.

Musical top-class entertainment.

We offer more than just music - we create a rousing atmosphere that makes your event a real highlight.


✓ Dynamic performances: With different instruments, styles and powerful performances, we bring energy and emotion to the stage.

✓ Customized setlists: We adapt our song selection to the style and theme of your event and ensure the perfect musical flow.


✓ Professional equipment: Our high-quality technology ensures a first-class sound that delights the audience.

Easy planning and smooth realization.

From the first contact to the closing of the event, we are at your side with our expertise and a smooth process.


✓ Efficient organization: We take care of all the details so you can focus on other important aspects of your event.


✓ Complete equipment: You don't have to worry about additional equipment - we bring everything we need for a perfect performance.

✓ Easy communication: We offer personal consultation and are available by phone to discuss your specific requirements and find a customized solution for your event.


We are COMETDUO, a band and a married couple.  

CometDuo was created in 2015. Our cover repertoire includes a lot of top 40 songs, which we have performed at weddings, garden and birthday parties from 2015 to 2017. After that, we both joined the band Kaleido-Scoop, where we were composing and playing our own songs with 3 other musicians. Since 2018, we have played gigs at city festivals, music nights and some sofa concerts.

In April 2020 we composed the song “Au Bout de la Nuit, Blanche” in our apartment, which has reached over 10,000 views within 3 weeks on Youtube.

Currently, we are working on new songs that will be released soon. Let us know if we can assist your project or play live for you.

All the best and groovy regards,

Eugénie and Christian

Impressive live music for your event!

Book CometDuo for your live event and experience unforgettable live music that will amaze your audience. Contact us today for more information and ensure your event becomes a success.


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Experience the best live.


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